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Okay. So Victor had managed to tweak his programming and reset some hardware in a way that meant Maglev flight should be a cinch. And the theory had worked perfectly when he'd tested it from the ground; he hadn't gone very high, but he'd zipped around the trees in the preserve with ease (and only a few crashes).

So the next logical step was stress-testing. Which meant jumping off something high. Which was why he was sitting on the edge of the dorm roof, swinging his legs, trying hard to remember that he was self-repairing as he willed himself to jump.

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From the way Kathy was bundled up, you'd think they were in the middle of a blizzard. They weren't; she'd just made the mistake of checking LA's weather and had wrapped herself in a million layers almost as a form of protest.

Maryland in November was not LA in November. Let's just leave it at that.

"Oh, hey!" she said when she saw Victor on the edge of the roof. "Hi! It's been--err, are you okay?"

Because he was on the edge of the roof and while they weren't skyscraper-high, they were still high enough for someone who wasn't thinking clearly...

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Yeah, not really.

"You want to walk about it?" she said, dropping her hand back to her side. It had come up of its own volition when Victor had started, like she'd expected to be able to snatch him out of thin air if he'd fallen or something. "I mean, I know we don't really know one another, but I'm really good at listening. And if you'd prefer not to talk to me, I'm sure you have lots of other friends who would!"

You were liked, Victor! People were here for you!

Date: 2013-11-16 02:29 am (UTC)
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Because, yeah, that also wasn't helping Kathy's state of mind.

"You were...going to check...if you could fly." That was a look she was giving you now, Victor. It was a look that suggested you might have been better off going with her original thought. "Is that something that happens to you sometimes? The ability to fly?"

Date: 2013-11-16 03:27 am (UTC)
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"You're not?"

Kathy felt like she should be sitting down for this. Was that okay? If she just sat down? Heavily? Right where she was?

She didn't mean to make a big deal of this, didn't want to make a big deal of this, but it was still pretty hard for her to just blithely accept someone saying they weren't human. Especially if she, well, thought they were.

"Are you like an alien or something?" she asked. And then, trying to make a joke she added feebly, "if you have multiple hearts, I'm so going to be your companion on your space-time adventures."

Wait. Was that rude? If he were an alien, would he think she was making fun of him? Oh god, was she some kind of non-human bigot? She didn't mean to be, really!

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And lo, the barrage came.

"You mean like an android?" Kathy asked. "Or, well, a cyborg, really, since you have biological parts. Or--wait, that is what you meant by half, right?"

Was his skin just really awesome synthetic material?

"Are you from the future?" She ducked her head. "Err, I mean for real, not in any kind of setup for a meta-forTerminator joke kind of way. Do you get those a lot? Oh man, that's gotta suck." She paused there, a little out of breath.

Date: 2013-11-16 04:55 am (UTC)
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"Android, not cyborg. Good to know." Because even if she thought he was technically a cyborg, she was going to call him what he wanted to be called. Because to do otherwise would make her an ass, and Kathy would feel horrible about being an ass, especially to someone as nice as Victor was.

She wanted to ask him more about how he was made, but she was pretty sure that would also put her firmly in the 'ass' category. She was just going to assume his mom was some kind of awesome scientist who used her own cells to make a kid and leave it at that.

"Well, I really wasn't going to make one," she promised. "I just wasn't sure if maybe you were from the way future, where there were lots of androids or something. That would be pretty cool. As would being able to fly!"

Because that was clearly where he was bringing the conversation around to. "I'd ask how you did it, but I don't know enough about nanotech to understand your answer. Do you mind if I watch and cheer you on when you do instead?"

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And she respected his identity choices!

"I can do that!" Kathy nodded. "...Is Tony Stark a student here? I might need his number."

She might be a little worried.

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"Topher Brink, no fun, no problem."

She gave Victor a nervous smile and a V for Victory sign.

"You can do it!" she cheered. "Wooo!"

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Kathy's nervous 'Wooo!' became something much more excited and cheerful as he succeeded in not only not falling, but actually flying.

"Ohmigosh!" she yelled at him, clapping her hands. "You're doing it! You're really doing it! Look at you, Victor, you're flying!"

Date: 2013-11-19 09:37 am (UTC)
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He was met with wild applause--at least, as wild applause as could be generated by just one person.

"You're okay, right?" Kathy asked, rushing over to him. "Everything okay?"

No need to call Tophers or Tonys or anyone else?

Date: 2013-11-20 09:52 am (UTC)
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"Is there a sign-up sheet?" Kathy asked. "If so, put me down in the number one spot!"

She would probably be terrified the whole time, but wouldn't it be worth it anyway? LA!Kathy would never have volunteered for that, even if, say, the Mighty Dragon swooped down and offered her a lift. Which was just one more reason why Kathy would.

"What was it like?" she asked, not that she knew he was okay. "How did it work? Oh! Can I get you anything, like a water or something?"

Date: 2013-12-01 01:18 pm (UTC)
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"That's a lot of enhancement," Kathy said, frowning in thought. "So you probably couldn't fly over, say, water, unless you were traveling over a boat, right? I wonder if there's something you could do to make that possible, too."


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