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My mom was Mexican...

... and my dad was a machine.

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Name:Victor Mancha
Birthdate:Jan 12
Victor Mancha

Fandom: Runaways, Marvel 616
Age/Grade: 19/Graduate (Class of 2014)
Voice Mail:555-TSTR
Living Arrangements: Room 401 with Alec Lightwood (not_trivial)
Big Sibling: Topher Brink (dollpocalypse)
Little Siblings: Emily Thorne (reven8e), Kathy Li (spin_kick_snap), Vider Bearskin (bearmaidenfair)
Classes, Summer I 2012: History! (Warner, Monday); Kicking Ass (Kennedy, Wednesday); Heroics (Electroclash, Wednesday)
Classes, Summer II 2012: Heroes & Villains 101 (Kaburagi/Tomoe, Tuesday);
Seven Deady Sins (Maggotbone; Tuesday); Introduction to Robotics (Alenko, Friday); Decision Making Skills (Rogers, Friday)
Classes, Fall 2012: Personal Improvement (GLADoS, Wednesday); Living on the Outskirts (Starsmore, Friday); Oppression, Resistance & Revolution (Lehnsherr, Friday)
Classes, Spring 2013: Flight (Solo, Monday); Pop Culture (Oz, Thursday); Ethics (Skywalker, Thursday)
Classes, Summer I 2013: Combat Tech (Alenko, Tuesday); Try Not to Die (Skywalker/Skywalker, Tuesday); How to be One with Your City (Spirit, Wednesday); Survivalism (Batman, Friday)
Classes, Summer II 2013: Cultural Appreciation (Thor, Monday); Introduction to Meditation (Banner, Thursday); Monsters & Humans (Dracula, Friday)
Classes, Fall 2013: Science (Von Doom, Monday); History (Poole, Tuesday); Criminal Justice (Batman, Friday)
Classes, Spring 2014: How to Make Friends (Skywalker, Tuesday); Friendship is Baking (Pie & Hale, Wednesday); Chemistry (Sanders, Friday)
Employment: Stark Industries, Wednesdays
OOC Contact: septembergrrl at // fakenamecentral on AIM

Ridiculously Human Robot// Shock and Awe// Future Me Scares Me// Human Mom Nonhuman Dad// Ascended Fanboy//The Sixth Ranger

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