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Victor shoved his bags to the foot of his bed to deal with later and flopped down on the bed. A few days before, he'd been expecting a simple, silly prom/homecoming to cap off his trip to L.A.

And then a missile crashed into the Hostel, Chase's sleaze of an uncle showed up, and, oh yeah, Old Lace was dead in the chaos. Dead and -- thanks to a panicked spell of Nico's -- gone into some other dimension, so they didn't even get to bury her. And wile they were still reeling from those losses, Chase ended up right in the path of a speeding truck.

The best Victor could say for the next few days was that, once they found Chase in the hospital, the doctors seemed to think he'd be okay. Eventually. Not that he'd woken up before Victor was due back in Fandom.

... and that made him feel like even more of a sleaze for leaving. He turned on his laptop and started playing the most mindless game he could find, just to get out of his head for a while. His head wasn't much fun.

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