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Victor's entire birthday celebration this year had consisted of two jelly donuts at J,GoBs, and he was totally fine with that. First, because he was turning 19, and that wasn't really a big birthday no matter how you looked at it -- he'd been legally old enough to vote for a year, but wouldn't be able to buy a beer to celebrate for two more. (It also made him feel like a little bit of a dumbass, still being in high school at 19. Though he figured spending a year in an underground teen crimefighting gang would put a lot of people off-schedule.)

Second, it was a pretty arbitrary date. Maybe it was literally the day he was made, maybe Ultron had just picked a month and a day at random. Wherever it had come from, it wasn't like he was even the ghost of an idea on February 16, 1995.

Isabelle had called off their date on account of kids, and Victor had no particular other plans for the day. (He also had no kids this year -- a fact that he had decidedly mixed feelings about.) He'd gotten a couple birthday greetings on Facebook, and he spent some time thanking people before settling down with his physics textbook. Science was his birthday party this year.

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Victor shoved his bags to the foot of his bed to deal with later and flopped down on the bed. A few days before, he'd been expecting a simple, silly prom/homecoming to cap off his trip to L.A.

Cut for potential spoilers )

... and that made him feel like even more of a sleaze for leaving. He turned on his laptop and started playing the most mindless game he could find, just to get out of his head for a while. His head wasn't much fun.

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Victor had woken up early to the sound of a phone call from L.A. He'd fixed all the team's problems with a few clicks on a keyboard, sighing just a bit over how lost they were without him. Then he got a healthy breakfast of orange soda and blueberry Pop-Tarts and flopped back on his bed to eat and daydream.

He was shirtless, naturally. That was just how he rolled.

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Victor wasn't sure what to make of the weekend, and he kept turning it over in his head as he moved back into the dorms. The future life he'd seen for himself -- a wife, kids, status as an Avenger -- seemed almost too perfect. He kept wondering what the catch was. It even seemed possible that the island had been messing with him by showing him exactly what he wanted.

The thing was, as much as he wanted to be a good guy, as sure as he seemed that he could be one, he always had that deep-down fear that Victorious was in his future no matter what. It was hard to be dismissive about it when Gert had been fighting him in some other world.

And then there was the fact that apparently he married Molly. On the one hand, Molly was awesome; on the other, she wasn't even 14 yet and thought her one true love was Zayn from One Direction the last time Victor talked to her. The whole thing was uncomfortable and made him feel like his older self was a little bit of a pervert.

He flopped back on the bed and sighed, wondering how much teasing he'd be in for if he told the team back home about the whole thing.

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It seemed to be a relatively quiet day -- no work, no classes, and no island drama to take up Victor's time.

Obviously, this meant he needed to sleep in. Once he'd finally gotten up, showered and dressed, it was late in the morning. Like the geek he was, he decided a good way to make use of the rest of his day was to organize his stockpile of comic books chronologically by title. They were jumbled together in a milk crate near his bed, which wasn't exactly the best solution.

If taking the comics out of the milk crate to sort them had turned into a marathon Ratman back issue reading session, well ... it wasn't like the project had a deadline.

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Seven-year-old Victor hadn't been able to figure out how to get music onto an iPod from a computer that didn't have iTunes, but teenage Victor faced no such problems. He borrowed Alec's iPod again and spent the morning putting songs on it -- a mix of classical, electronica, world music and rap that represented the best of his collection plus a few things he was pretty sure Alec would dig.

He was in a good mood as he worked, if a bit of a wistful one. Being seven for a weekend had been a seriously cool experience. Plus, now he had some real memories of childhood to mix in with the fake ones Ultron had implanted, which in his opinion was a change for the good.

He frowned a little at his torrent -- the complete works of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan should download a little faster, in his opinions -- and clicked open another browser window. He'd read up on AI virus prevention while he waited.

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It was looking like a nothing kind of weekend on the island, so after his classes Victor went back to his room to chill. He was poking around on an Avengers discussion board when his phone rang.

“Victor’s Pickle Shack, bringing you the best in brine,” he said cheerily.

The long pause on the other end suggested the caller wasn’t really in the mood for funny greetings. “Vic, hey. It’s Nico. Remember how before you left, you said you’d come back if we needed you, and I said that was great if we could just put the bad guys on pause while you portalled in?”

Nico sounded like she had a migraine. This wasn’t good; Victor started shutting down his laptop as he answered.

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Yeah, well” -- and now Nico sounded like she wanted to either laugh or cry and wasn't sure which -- “so, it’s actually happened. A bunch of Majesdanians came for Karolina, and I did a spell that I made all of them but one go away. We tied him to a chair and he seems harmless. But I have no idea where the rest of them are. I’m calling a full team meeting. How soon can you get to Malibu?”

“Like two hours,” Victor guessed. “Wait, why do they want K?”

“Because her dad was an ass and got a bunch of them killed,” Nico said wearily. “Same thing as always, right? I’ll explain more when you get here. Just -- we could use extra firepower before the rest of the alien invaders get back.”

Victor sighed. “All right. On my way.”

He hung up and went to quickly pack.

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