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There was absolutely no good reason for a teenage android to be up before noon on a Saturday. None. And when that teenage android had The Best Girlfriend in the World, TM, next to him ... well, the chances of him getting out of bed at all that day went down a bit.

Victor's eyes slipped open, and he vaguely contemplated the existence of pancakes and a world outside his room before beginning to drift back to sleep.

Guess what's gonna happen. )

[OOC: Preplayed with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] dirtiest_skank. Establishy.]
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Victor had told Olive his mom would have liked her. He'd probably said it more than once, and meant it. It just wasn't the kind of theory he expected to ever have to test, given one of the ladies in question had been dead for well over a year.

But. The island was being both horrible and wonderful this week. And that meant it was time for his mom to actually meet Olive, before she was gone again. He took a seat by the window in the cafe, restlessly twisted a paper napkin into small balls as he waited for two of his favorite people in the world to join him.

Enter two women. )

[OOC: NFI. Preplayed with the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] dirtiest_skank and the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] dollpocalypse.]
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It wasn't like Victor spent a lot of time zapping stuff. Electromagnetic bursts of lightning were not exactly something you needed to get through your average day of classwork and video games.

But when he woke up feeling vaguely, indefinably off, it didn't take him long to work out that that was what was missing. His other abilities still seemed intact, and a systems check showed he hadn't come down with a virus or anything (ha, robot humor). But when he reached out with that power, nothing at all happened. It was as if he'd never had it to begin with.

Disconsolate, he laid back down on the bed, barely noticing he'd plowed through a whole box of Pop-Tarts while he tried to figure this out. In fact, he was still a little hungry: Maybe he'd go into town for some waffles and see if those helped.

[OOC: And I am done with the open, establishy posts. Victor got the Rory Gilmore appetite. Weekend SP in effect.]


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