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Victor was used to not being in L.A. right now, but the rest of his team wasn't. It was okay. He was always up for a burger and a good bout of What Is Wrong With San Francisco.

Besides, he agreed with Chase's summary: Molly wasn't going to decide she belonged here. "A, because the X-Men are tools," the blond ticked off. "They're gonna give her some sales pitch, and she's gonna hate it. And probably beat them all up. And two, the X-Men are tools."

And that was about when Victor realized they possibly should not have had this conversation in public. A group of intimidating-mutants were trying to stare them down. "Uh, Chase?" Victor suggested. "Ixnay on the 'Men-Xay are oolstay.'"

It might have even worked if Chase wasn't a touch too slow to get Pig Latin. He wondered aloud what Victor had said, before a thin green guy with vaguely lizardlike features who was standing next to a guy built like a pile of stones suggested they turn around.

"Okay, see?" Nico said. "This is why we should never leave the house."

That didn't help. Neither did Klara remarking aloud on the 'demons.' And neither did Chase going toe-to-toe with freaking Rockslide.

But Chase's request to get his gloves first made Rockslide back off, averting the whole fight. They all -- mutants, alien, android, witch -- ended up in a mutant-friendly dance club. So that didn't completely suck. By the time they made it back to X-Men Headquarters, Victor was wondering if his premonition had just been wrong. "Mol," he said, "I know we were kind of down on the X-Men before, but you should really give them another try. They're so nice! The students were even more fun than the people at my school. You're going to love it!"

Nico had barely begun to concur before Molly came out with, "THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE AND YOU ARE TAKING ME HOME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BEAT YOU ALL UP FOREVER."

And no matter what they asked, they couldn't get her to explain more about what had changed her mind than that her visit had sucked but the Wolverine poster was going back up in her room.

For his part, Victor was glad as he packed his bags that night that he was headed back someplace a little less exciting.

[OOC. Post 2/2 based on Runaways Vol. 3 #10. And slowly we move on through canon. NFB due to distance]
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Victor wasn't sure what he'd expected out of Thanksgiving weekend in L.A., but he was almost certain it had not involved a side trip to the new X-Men headquarters. He'd been thinking more along the lines of grilling turkey legs on the beach and beating Klara at that skiing game some more.

But Molly'd been hearing a voice summoning her to San Francisco, so -- here they were.

"This is a terrible idea, Nico," he said, jiggling his leg as he stared out the 'Frog's window. (Apparently he'd lost pilot privileges for good when he took off for six months.) "Just for the record. So when the city blows up, we can all think back to this moment and remember I called it. Terrible. Idea."

"At least we're consistent in our bad decisions," Nico said wearily. "And what was I supposed to do, Victor? You weren't here. She's been harping on this for weeks. We let you go."

"Molly's not going to boarding school," Victor answered. "It's different. We just dropped her off with a mutant strike force because she says she's hearing voices in her head." Which still struck him as a terrible idea, bold font, underlined.

"That was harsh!" Karolina 1.0 (sorry, Fandom Karolina, but that would forever be how Vic distinguished the two) called from the back seat. "Molly is a mutant too! And Kitty seemed nice, remember? She'll take care of Molly. You know. Until the fighting. Then we'll come pick her up."

"Where do mutants come from?" Klara put in curiously -- or as a distraction, Victor wasn't sure which.

"Angstville," Chase answered, in a tone meant to shut down the conversation. "Now let's go eat."

[OOC: Tweaked from Runaways vol. 3, #10. To be continued.]
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Victor woke up when his phone rang, and he didn't open his eyes as he groped for it and pressed it to his ear.

"Too early." This was a greeting, if you squinted at it sideways. Anything more clever would have been entirely beyond him.

"Ask what time it is here," Nico said, sounding on the verge of a freak-out. "Vic, you have to come home. People are turning into zombies. Like, not just the Scientology kind, literal grrr, argh."

"Huh?" he was a little more awake now. "How's that happening?"

"We think it has something to do with the radio- " Nico started, than interrupted herself. "How come you sound like a girl?"

"It's early," Victor said again, and finally looked down at his shirtless chest. "Um, Nic?" he tried. "Maybe because I ... am a girl?" And now he was going to have a freak-out to match hers. Quietly. People had warned him about the transformations, sure, but it wasn't supposed to happen to him. "Like, I can see my boobs."

"... you have it worse than we do," Nico decided, after a long pause. "Look, call me when you fix it. We'll fight the damn zombies. You ... find a bra."

"Thanks, mom."

"Thanks, Victor/Victoria."

And that was the end of the phone call. The end of Victor's panic would come sometime later.

[OOC: Closed door, open post. LA end of the scenario taken from Runaways vol. 10, Rock Zombies.]
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Victor wasn’t sure what to expect from the team meeting at the new Malibu Hostel. Fireworks, probably. People talking over each other. Alliances and counteralliances and lone wolf opinions and petty disagreements colliding into a giant cloud of talk. Or maybe by the time he got there, the talking would be over... )

[OOC: Summarized from Runaways TPB vol. 9, Dead Wrong, by Terry Moore. Establishy.]
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It was looking like a nothing kind of weekend on the island, so after his classes Victor went back to his room to chill. He was poking around on an Avengers discussion board when his phone rang.

“Victor’s Pickle Shack, bringing you the best in brine,” he said cheerily.

The long pause on the other end suggested the caller wasn’t really in the mood for funny greetings. “Vic, hey. It’s Nico. Remember how before you left, you said you’d come back if we needed you, and I said that was great if we could just put the bad guys on pause while you portalled in?”

Nico sounded like she had a migraine. This wasn’t good; Victor started shutting down his laptop as he answered.

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Yeah, well” -- and now Nico sounded like she wanted to either laugh or cry and wasn't sure which -- “so, it’s actually happened. A bunch of Majesdanians came for Karolina, and I did a spell that I made all of them but one go away. We tied him to a chair and he seems harmless. But I have no idea where the rest of them are. I’m calling a full team meeting. How soon can you get to Malibu?”

“Like two hours,” Victor guessed. “Wait, why do they want K?”

“Because her dad was an ass and got a bunch of them killed,” Nico said wearily. “Same thing as always, right? I’ll explain more when you get here. Just -- we could use extra firepower before the rest of the alien invaders get back.”

Victor sighed. “All right. On my way.”

He hung up and went to quickly pack.

[OOC: Door/post open. Scenario inspired by Dead Wrong, Runaways vol. 3.]


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