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Victor had spent the morning out and about, but after lunch he came back to the cabin and flopped back on his bed. He meant to just change into a swimsuit and head for the beach, but he found his eyes wandering toward Olive's side of the cabin and stayed where he was just to think for a minute.

He liked sharing the space with her. He'd been a little nervous that the whole experience would be awkward, but it hadn't been: It was like hanging out on the trips they'd taken together before, except at the end of the day they went to sleep in the same room. It was just they'd been dating a while now, and he'd thought maybe ...

Never mind what he thought. Things were good, and he wasn't about to wreck the relationship by pushing for more than they had. Even if some part of him wanted to.

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Seven-year-old Victor hadn't been able to figure out how to get music onto an iPod from a computer that didn't have iTunes, but teenage Victor faced no such problems. He borrowed Alec's iPod again and spent the morning putting songs on it -- a mix of classical, electronica, world music and rap that represented the best of his collection plus a few things he was pretty sure Alec would dig.

He was in a good mood as he worked, if a bit of a wistful one. Being seven for a weekend had been a seriously cool experience. Plus, now he had some real memories of childhood to mix in with the fake ones Ultron had implanted, which in his opinion was a change for the good.

He frowned a little at his torrent -- the complete works of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan should download a little faster, in his opinions -- and clicked open another browser window. He'd read up on AI virus prevention while he waited.

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