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It wasn't like Victor spent a lot of time zapping stuff. Electromagnetic bursts of lightning were not exactly something you needed to get through your average day of classwork and video games.

But when he woke up feeling vaguely, indefinably off, it didn't take him long to work out that that was what was missing. His other abilities still seemed intact, and a systems check showed he hadn't come down with a virus or anything (ha, robot humor). But when he reached out with that power, nothing at all happened. It was as if he'd never had it to begin with.

Disconsolate, he laid back down on the bed, barely noticing he'd plowed through a whole box of Pop-Tarts while he tried to figure this out. In fact, he was still a little hungry: Maybe he'd go into town for some waffles and see if those helped.

[OOC: And I am done with the open, establishy posts. Victor got the Rory Gilmore appetite. Weekend SP in effect.]
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Victor woke up when his phone rang, and he didn't open his eyes as he groped for it and pressed it to his ear.

"Too early." This was a greeting, if you squinted at it sideways. Anything more clever would have been entirely beyond him.

"Ask what time it is here," Nico said, sounding on the verge of a freak-out. "Vic, you have to come home. People are turning into zombies. Like, not just the Scientology kind, literal grrr, argh."

"Huh?" he was a little more awake now. "How's that happening?"

"We think it has something to do with the radio- " Nico started, than interrupted herself. "How come you sound like a girl?"

"It's early," Victor said again, and finally looked down at his shirtless chest. "Um, Nic?" he tried. "Maybe because I ... am a girl?" And now he was going to have a freak-out to match hers. Quietly. People had warned him about the transformations, sure, but it wasn't supposed to happen to him. "Like, I can see my boobs."

"... you have it worse than we do," Nico decided, after a long pause. "Look, call me when you fix it. We'll fight the damn zombies. You ... find a bra."

"Thanks, mom."

"Thanks, Victor/Victoria."

And that was the end of the phone call. The end of Victor's panic would come sometime later.

[OOC: Closed door, open post. LA end of the scenario taken from Runaways vol. 10, Rock Zombies.]
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It was illogical to miss someone who had never existed, but that was what Victor seemed to be doing today.

He'd grown up thinking his father had been a Marine who had died in combat. Because of that, his mother had always made a little bit of a production out of Memorial Day. They'd go to Mass to pray for soldiers, she'd tell stories about Vic's dad, and they'd talk about what it meant to serve your country before heading to a cookout.

Or that was what he remembered, anyhow. (It got tiring, reminding yourself that your memories weren't real, that you'd only had three or four Memorial Days before this one.) But that father, the hero, had never existed. What he had in the way of parents was an evil robot and a dead woman who had lied to him for years.

In some crazy way that he kept wanting to reject with an error message, knowing that made him sadder than thinking his human father had been killed ever had.

He wondered who the guy in the pictures of his "father" he'd seen had been. Somebody from the neighborhood, an old boyfriend, a computer model Ultron had generated? He'd never found a match for the photos in image databases; he might just never know.

He laid back on his bed and closed his eyes. He needed to just stop thinking this way, but it was much easier to say that than to do it.

[OOC: Door is closed. Post is open, though I may be slow.]


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