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When Nico and Chase had decided they needed a Runaways prom to mark Victor's week at home, Victor had stepped right up to agree to play DJ.

Okay, so the very first thing he'd done was point out prom was usually in spring. But -- after Nico told him not to be pedantic, and Chase told him not to be a pedo, and Karolina (1.0) stepped in to suggest they just compromise and call it a homecoming -- he'd volunteered to be in charge of the music. And, now that he'd unearthed a tux that only smelled a little musty from Chase's dad's closet, he was downloading some cool new music that might impress Nico.

Perched with his laptop on the roof of the Hostel, he paused for a moment when a plane roared right over his head. Low-flying idiots, he thought, and then turned his attention back to his efforts to hack into the neighbors' networks. Most of them actually understood how passwords worked, but finally he found one who didn't.

The radio signal behind the suck-ass password was labeled in Russian, and it looked like actually playing the music was going to take some filtering. But that promised to be almost obscure enough to impress Nico, right? "Outstanding," he muttered, and moved to download it just as Molly summoned him down to the beach to see her new achievements in sandcastle building.

It was gonna be a great night.

[OOC: NFB, NFI. Inspired by Runaways vol. 3, #11.]


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