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Victor wasn't sure what he'd expected out of Thanksgiving weekend in L.A., but he was almost certain it had not involved a side trip to the new X-Men headquarters. He'd been thinking more along the lines of grilling turkey legs on the beach and beating Klara at that skiing game some more.

But Molly'd been hearing a voice summoning her to San Francisco, so -- here they were.

"This is a terrible idea, Nico," he said, jiggling his leg as he stared out the 'Frog's window. (Apparently he'd lost pilot privileges for good when he took off for six months.) "Just for the record. So when the city blows up, we can all think back to this moment and remember I called it. Terrible. Idea."

"At least we're consistent in our bad decisions," Nico said wearily. "And what was I supposed to do, Victor? You weren't here. She's been harping on this for weeks. We let you go."

"Molly's not going to boarding school," Victor answered. "It's different. We just dropped her off with a mutant strike force because she says she's hearing voices in her head." Which still struck him as a terrible idea, bold font, underlined.

"That was harsh!" Karolina 1.0 (sorry, Fandom Karolina, but that would forever be how Vic distinguished the two) called from the back seat. "Molly is a mutant too! And Kitty seemed nice, remember? She'll take care of Molly. You know. Until the fighting. Then we'll come pick her up."

"Where do mutants come from?" Klara put in curiously -- or as a distraction, Victor wasn't sure which.

"Angstville," Chase answered, in a tone meant to shut down the conversation. "Now let's go eat."

[OOC: Tweaked from Runaways vol. 3, #10. To be continued.]


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