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2014-04-29 11:24 am

Room 401, Also Tuesday Morning

It was move-out day in 401, and since Victor wasn't totally clear on where he'd end up living back in L.A., he was trying to pack light. Some things he was happy to get rid of; for example, he was all too pleased to see the bulky layers he'd needed for East Coast winters go off to Goodwill. Others, like certain class notes and anything from his friends, he kept for entirely sentimental reasons.

But he hesitated over his pile of comics. On the one hand, they were bulky to lug around and most of them weren't even worth anything. He could Torrent anything he wanted to reread. On the other, they were comics and comics were an awesome resource for a wannabe hero. And it had been a long time since he read that Spider-Man annual.

He flipped through it, getting lost in the story instead of finishing his packing.

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2014-02-16 09:37 pm
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Room 401, Sunday Evening

Victor's entire birthday celebration this year had consisted of two jelly donuts at J,GoBs, and he was totally fine with that. First, because he was turning 19, and that wasn't really a big birthday no matter how you looked at it -- he'd been legally old enough to vote for a year, but wouldn't be able to buy a beer to celebrate for two more. (It also made him feel like a little bit of a dumbass, still being in high school at 19. Though he figured spending a year in an underground teen crimefighting gang would put a lot of people off-schedule.)

Second, it was a pretty arbitrary date. Maybe it was literally the day he was made, maybe Ultron had just picked a month and a day at random. Wherever it had come from, it wasn't like he was even the ghost of an idea on February 16, 1995.

Isabelle had called off their date on account of kids, and Victor had no particular other plans for the day. (He also had no kids this year -- a fact that he had decidedly mixed feelings about.) He'd gotten a couple birthday greetings on Facebook, and he spent some time thanking people before settling down with his physics textbook. Science was his birthday party this year.

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2013-11-15 01:07 pm
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Dorm Roof, Lunchtime, Friday

Okay. So Victor had managed to tweak his programming and reset some hardware in a way that meant Maglev flight should be a cinch. And the theory had worked perfectly when he'd tested it from the ground; he hadn't gone very high, but he'd zipped around the trees in the preserve with ease (and only a few crashes).

So the next logical step was stress-testing. Which meant jumping off something high. Which was why he was sitting on the edge of the dorm roof, swinging his legs, trying hard to remember that he was self-repairing as he willed himself to jump.

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2013-10-20 09:34 pm
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Room 401, Sunday Evening

Victor shoved his bags to the foot of his bed to deal with later and flopped down on the bed. A few days before, he'd been expecting a simple, silly prom/homecoming to cap off his trip to L.A.

Cut for potential spoilers )

... and that made him feel like even more of a sleaze for leaving. He turned on his laptop and started playing the most mindless game he could find, just to get out of his head for a while. His head wasn't much fun.

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2013-10-17 09:16 pm

Roof, the Hostel, Malibu

When Nico and Chase had decided they needed a Runaways prom to mark Victor's week at home, Victor had stepped right up to agree to play DJ.

Okay, so the very first thing he'd done was point out prom was usually in spring. But -- after Nico told him not to be pedantic, and Chase told him not to be a pedo, and Karolina (1.0) stepped in to suggest they just compromise and call it a homecoming -- he'd volunteered to be in charge of the music. And, now that he'd unearthed a tux that only smelled a little musty from Chase's dad's closet, he was downloading some cool new music that might impress Nico.

Perched with his laptop on the roof of the Hostel, he paused for a moment when a plane roared right over his head. Low-flying idiots, he thought, and then turned his attention back to his efforts to hack into the neighbors' networks. Most of them actually understood how passwords worked, but finally he found one who didn't.

The radio signal behind the suck-ass password was labeled in Russian, and it looked like actually playing the music was going to take some filtering. But that promised to be almost obscure enough to impress Nico, right? "Outstanding," he muttered, and moved to download it just as Molly summoned him down to the beach to see her new achievements in sandcastle building.

It was gonna be a great night.

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2013-07-28 08:15 am
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Room 401, Sunday Morning

Victor had woken up early to the sound of a phone call from L.A. He'd fixed all the team's problems with a few clicks on a keyboard, sighing just a bit over how lost they were without him. Then he got a healthy breakfast of orange soda and blueberry Pop-Tarts and flopped back on his bed to eat and daydream.

He was shirtless, naturally. That was just how he rolled.

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2013-07-13 07:31 am
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Room 401, Saturday Morning

On Friday night, an android had gone to bed in room 401 with visions of electric sheep and churros with chocolate sauce dancing in his head.

On Saturday morning, the android was gone and the room had suddenly gained a Roomba that beeped around obstacles as if it were swearing.

What was left of Victor hoped no one would make the connection. He would never live this one down.

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2013-06-17 11:54 am
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Room 401, Monday Morning

Victor wasn't sure what to make of the weekend, and he kept turning it over in his head as he moved back into the dorms. The future life he'd seen for himself -- a wife, kids, status as an Avenger -- seemed almost too perfect. He kept wondering what the catch was. It even seemed possible that the island had been messing with him by showing him exactly what he wanted.

The thing was, as much as he wanted to be a good guy, as sure as he seemed that he could be one, he always had that deep-down fear that Victorious was in his future no matter what. It was hard to be dismissive about it when Gert had been fighting him in some other world.

And then there was the fact that apparently he married Molly. On the one hand, Molly was awesome; on the other, she wasn't even 14 yet and thought her one true love was Zayn from One Direction the last time Victor talked to her. The whole thing was uncomfortable and made him feel like his older self was a little bit of a pervert.

He flopped back on the bed and sighed, wondering how much teasing he'd be in for if he told the team back home about the whole thing.

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2013-05-23 11:39 am
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Room 401, Thursday Noonish

It seemed to be a relatively quiet day -- no work, no classes, and no island drama to take up Victor's time.

Obviously, this meant he needed to sleep in. Once he'd finally gotten up, showered and dressed, it was late in the morning. Like the geek he was, he decided a good way to make use of the rest of his day was to organize his stockpile of comic books chronologically by title. They were jumbled together in a milk crate near his bed, which wasn't exactly the best solution.

If taking the comics out of the milk crate to sort them had turned into a marathon Ratman back issue reading session, well ... it wasn't like the project had a deadline.

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2013-04-28 02:20 pm

The Beach, Sunday Afternoon

After waking up in some strange kid's bedroom, Lucky had made every effort to keep a low profile the day before. For all he knew, everyone else in the place was a Night Creeper, and he didn't want to get into any fights. Not just because he was alone, either -- he was sort of over the whole fighting thing.

Twenty-four hours later, after he was sure he was the only gang member in evidence, he went down to the beach and perched on a high rock so he could watch the waves ebb and flow. He thought of Veronica as he sat there, wishing she was with him. She was the only one he'd ever known who appreciated the ocean as much as he did.

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2013-04-06 08:39 am
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Room 401, Noonish Saturday

There was absolutely no good reason for a teenage android to be up before noon on a Saturday. None. And when that teenage android had The Best Girlfriend in the World, TM, next to him ... well, the chances of him getting out of bed at all that day went down a bit.

Victor's eyes slipped open, and he vaguely contemplated the existence of pancakes and a world outside his room before beginning to drift back to sleep.

Guess what's gonna happen. )

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2013-02-26 10:54 am

Manchaghast Cabin on The Siren, Tuesday Afternoon

Victor had spent the morning out and about, but after lunch he came back to the cabin and flopped back on his bed. He meant to just change into a swimsuit and head for the beach, but he found his eyes wandering toward Olive's side of the cabin and stayed where he was just to think for a minute.

He liked sharing the space with her. He'd been a little nervous that the whole experience would be awkward, but it hadn't been: It was like hanging out on the trips they'd taken together before, except at the end of the day they went to sleep in the same room. It was just they'd been dating a while now, and he'd thought maybe ...

Never mind what he thought. Things were good, and he wasn't about to wreck the relationship by pushing for more than they had. Even if some part of him wanted to.

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2013-02-01 11:48 am

J,GoB's, Friday Midmorning

Victor had told Olive his mom would have liked her. He'd probably said it more than once, and meant it. It just wasn't the kind of theory he expected to ever have to test, given one of the ladies in question had been dead for well over a year.

But. The island was being both horrible and wonderful this week. And that meant it was time for his mom to actually meet Olive, before she was gone again. He took a seat by the window in the cafe, restlessly twisted a paper napkin into small balls as he waited for two of his favorite people in the world to join him.

Enter two women. )

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2013-01-04 10:26 am

The Hostel, Malibu, Friday Morning

As they stepped out of the portal and started the walk to the beach house where the team lived, Victor was feeling good about bringing Olive to meet his friends. Sure, there had been a couple snarky comments about redheads, and some genuine concern about bringing somebody without powers to the house even for a day, but ... he was home and it was a beautiful Malibu Friday. It was hard to worry too much.

He grinned at Olive as he reached for the doorknob. "Ready for the inquisition?"

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2012-12-05 09:42 am

Room 401, Wednesday Morning

Vic woke up and groaned at his clock. Mornings were for squares, man. He thit the alarm four more times before he finally pulled himself out of bed.

He dressed quickly -- black turtleneck, black pants, low-top sneakers -- slicked his hair back, and looked around for something to do. He could reread "On the Road," but books weren't really his scene. Instead, he found his bongos and started beating out some sweet, sweet rhythms. Music was the best.

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2012-11-23 05:21 pm

In-n-Out Burger, San Francisco, Friday Afternoon

Victor was used to not being in L.A. right now, but the rest of his team wasn't. It was okay. He was always up for a burger and a good bout of What Is Wrong With San Francisco.

Besides, he agreed with Chase's summary: Molly wasn't going to decide she belonged here. "A, because the X-Men are tools," the blond ticked off. "They're gonna give her some sales pitch, and she's gonna hate it. And probably beat them all up. And two, the X-Men are tools."

And that was about when Victor realized they possibly should not have had this conversation in public. A group of intimidating-mutants were trying to stare them down. "Uh, Chase?" Victor suggested. "Ixnay on the 'Men-Xay are oolstay.'"

It might have even worked if Chase wasn't a touch too slow to get Pig Latin. He wondered aloud what Victor had said, before a thin green guy with vaguely lizardlike features who was standing next to a guy built like a pile of stones suggested they turn around.

"Okay, see?" Nico said. "This is why we should never leave the house."

That didn't help. Neither did Klara remarking aloud on the 'demons.' And neither did Chase going toe-to-toe with freaking Rockslide.

But Chase's request to get his gloves first made Rockslide back off, averting the whole fight. They all -- mutants, alien, android, witch -- ended up in a mutant-friendly dance club. So that didn't completely suck. By the time they made it back to X-Men Headquarters, Victor was wondering if his premonition had just been wrong. "Mol," he said, "I know we were kind of down on the X-Men before, but you should really give them another try. They're so nice! The students were even more fun than the people at my school. You're going to love it!"

Nico had barely begun to concur before Molly came out with, "THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE AND YOU ARE TAKING ME HOME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BEAT YOU ALL UP FOREVER."

And no matter what they asked, they couldn't get her to explain more about what had changed her mind than that her visit had sucked but the Wolverine poster was going back up in her room.

For his part, Victor was glad as he packed his bags that night that he was headed back someplace a little less exciting.

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2012-11-23 10:43 am

Aboard the Leapfrog above San Francisco, Friday Morning

Victor wasn't sure what he'd expected out of Thanksgiving weekend in L.A., but he was almost certain it had not involved a side trip to the new X-Men headquarters. He'd been thinking more along the lines of grilling turkey legs on the beach and beating Klara at that skiing game some more.

But Molly'd been hearing a voice summoning her to San Francisco, so -- here they were.

"This is a terrible idea, Nico," he said, jiggling his leg as he stared out the 'Frog's window. (Apparently he'd lost pilot privileges for good when he took off for six months.) "Just for the record. So when the city blows up, we can all think back to this moment and remember I called it. Terrible. Idea."

"At least we're consistent in our bad decisions," Nico said wearily. "And what was I supposed to do, Victor? You weren't here. She's been harping on this for weeks. We let you go."

"Molly's not going to boarding school," Victor answered. "It's different. We just dropped her off with a mutant strike force because she says she's hearing voices in her head." Which still struck him as a terrible idea, bold font, underlined.

"That was harsh!" Karolina 1.0 (sorry, Fandom Karolina, but that would forever be how Vic distinguished the two) called from the back seat. "Molly is a mutant too! And Kitty seemed nice, remember? She'll take care of Molly. You know. Until the fighting. Then we'll come pick her up."

"Where do mutants come from?" Klara put in curiously -- or as a distraction, Victor wasn't sure which.

"Angstville," Chase answered, in a tone meant to shut down the conversation. "Now let's go eat."

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2012-11-17 09:33 am

Room 401, Saturday Morning

It wasn't like Victor spent a lot of time zapping stuff. Electromagnetic bursts of lightning were not exactly something you needed to get through your average day of classwork and video games.

But when he woke up feeling vaguely, indefinably off, it didn't take him long to work out that that was what was missing. His other abilities still seemed intact, and a systems check showed he hadn't come down with a virus or anything (ha, robot humor). But when he reached out with that power, nothing at all happened. It was as if he'd never had it to begin with.

Disconsolate, he laid back down on the bed, barely noticing he'd plowed through a whole box of Pop-Tarts while he tried to figure this out. In fact, he was still a little hungry: Maybe he'd go into town for some waffles and see if those helped.

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2012-10-22 09:20 am

Room 401, Monday Midday

Seven-year-old Victor hadn't been able to figure out how to get music onto an iPod from a computer that didn't have iTunes, but teenage Victor faced no such problems. He borrowed Alec's iPod again and spent the morning putting songs on it -- a mix of classical, electronica, world music and rap that represented the best of his collection plus a few things he was pretty sure Alec would dig.

He was in a good mood as he worked, if a bit of a wistful one. Being seven for a weekend had been a seriously cool experience. Plus, now he had some real memories of childhood to mix in with the fake ones Ultron had implanted, which in his opinion was a change for the good.

He frowned a little at his torrent -- the complete works of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan should download a little faster, in his opinions -- and clicked open another browser window. He'd read up on AI virus prevention while he waited.

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2012-09-08 08:14 am

Room 401, Saturday Morning

Victor woke up when his phone rang, and he didn't open his eyes as he groped for it and pressed it to his ear.

"Too early." This was a greeting, if you squinted at it sideways. Anything more clever would have been entirely beyond him.

"Ask what time it is here," Nico said, sounding on the verge of a freak-out. "Vic, you have to come home. People are turning into zombies. Like, not just the Scientology kind, literal grrr, argh."

"Huh?" he was a little more awake now. "How's that happening?"

"We think it has something to do with the radio- " Nico started, than interrupted herself. "How come you sound like a girl?"

"It's early," Victor said again, and finally looked down at his shirtless chest. "Um, Nic?" he tried. "Maybe because I ... am a girl?" And now he was going to have a freak-out to match hers. Quietly. People had warned him about the transformations, sure, but it wasn't supposed to happen to him. "Like, I can see my boobs."

"... you have it worse than we do," Nico decided, after a long pause. "Look, call me when you fix it. We'll fight the damn zombies. You ... find a bra."

"Thanks, mom."

"Thanks, Victor/Victoria."

And that was the end of the phone call. The end of Victor's panic would come sometime later.

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